[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: New blend, sample sets and single origins

Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byron at sweetmarias.com
Fri Dec 2 19:40:39 CST 2016

Hello Everyone,
We hope your holiday season is going well. We are excited to add a lot of
new offerings to the list today. If you have enjoyed our sample sets in the
past, we just added a few more.

- Micro Region 5-pack: Costa Rica <https://goo.gl/L3nsyX> - Taste the range
of flavor profiles found in Costa Rica's growing regions, two of which are
exclusively sold through this set! We've added a bag of Cascara Fruit tea
to round out the group.
- Flavor Profile 4-pack: Box of Chocolates <https://goo.gl/KG7JTv> - For
the lover of chocolate-toned cups, four coffees from Latin America and
Africa that offer up a mix of underlying cocoa bittersweetness.
- 20lb "XL" African Sample Set <https://goo.gl/ibmQan> - An amazing deal: 4
wet processed African coffees at a discount deeper than our regular 20 lb
- Sweet Maria's Polar Expresso Holiday Blend <https://goo.gl/AvNaog> -
Short shots of Polar Expresso are silky sweet, high % cacao bar, mixed
berry, citrus, dark grape, and smokey cedar chips. A level of complexity
that only African coffees can produce.
- Guatemala Huehuetenango Boqueroncito <https://goo.gl/XOW50o> - Layered
sweetness, honey and caramel, a flavor of date bar rolled in coconut
flakes. The cooling cup has much more to show, and dense chocolate flavors
dominate the Full City and beyond roasts. Good for espresso.
- Colombia La Plata -Los Santos <https://goo.gl/UThSaF> - Crisp, defined
cup. Creamed honey, sweet from start to finish, baked apple pie filling,
cinnamon stick, marzipan, orange glaze, and floral grace note. Extremely
versatile in the roaster. Good for espresso.
- Costa Jardin de Aromas -Lote Papaya <https://goo.gl/L3nsyX> - Lote Papaya
has a solid burned sugar sweetness, with base flavor of roasted cacao nibs.
Fruited tones are subtle, raisin, slab apricot, and candied citrus peel. FC
roasts build cocoa bittersweetness. Good for espresso.

*Byron Dote*
Sweet Maria's Coffee Inc.

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