[Homeroast] Astoria auto-fill problem

sci scizen at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 08:12:42 CDT 2016

Hey guys!
I have an Astoria Argenta (SAE JUN) single head espresso machine. It's been
a reliable work horse for our personal espresso routine for years.
It now has an auto fill issue and won't cut off; it overfills the boiler
until water shoots out of the vacuum break valve when I turn it on.
I have a schematic and I'm moderately familiar with the inner workings of
the machine.
Anybody know much about these and can help me diagnose the problem? If I
can figure out what component has failed, I can remove and replace.
My hunch is that it is either a solenoid valve (stuck open??) or the level

Espresso deprived,


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