[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: Five new coffees

Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byron at sweetmarias.com
Fri Apr 22 17:00:41 CDT 2016

Hello Everybody. Here's five new coffees that we just added to the list.
Have a great weekend!

- Papua New Guinea Kainantu Bauka Farm <https://goo.gl/PUMbue> - Very
fruit-forward and complex cup: red grape, boysenberry, Asian pear, and
bergamot citrus. Impressive raw sugar sweetness, and with a tea-tannic
acidity and aftertaste. A real showstopper.
- Guatemala Huehuetenango -El Turbante <https://goo.gl/REiRf2> - Full body,
high sweetness, and layered cocoa roast tones, make this an ideal daily
drinking coffee. Caramel sugar and Dutch drinking cocoa, subtle fruit
hints. Great for espresso.
- Costa Rica Helsar -Magdalena Vega <https://goo.gl/5sHicM> - Archetypal
"Costa Rica" cup; balanced, restrained, clean finish. Raw sugar sweetness,
highlighted by notes of apple and mulling spice. Great brewed cup. Good for
- Colombia Timaná Colinas Altas <https://goo.gl/LGU7wI> - Extremely sweet,
honey and molasses, maple hints. Raisin and date bar compliment the cup,
along with almond-rolled dry fruits. Lasting sweetness in the finish. Good
for espresso.
- Brazil Rio Verde -João Carlos Microlot <https://goo.gl/O6s18k> - Almond
sweetness, marzipan, with a dry apple note up front. Lingering aftertaste
of cocoa, barley tea, rice syrup, dehydrated berry, and leathery aroma.
Good for espresso.

Did you know there's still hope if your favorite coffee goes out of
stock? Click
here <http://goo.gl/v5JFWO> to check out a list of coffees that recently
sold out and some replacements that we recommend.

*Byron Dote*

Sweet Maria's Coffee Inc.

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