[Homeroast] Behmor drum suddenly not rotating

Claus Thøgersen thoeglist at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 11:02:25 CDT 2016


This morning I started a roast with my more than 6 year old Behmor roaster. It had woasted fine last evening.
Everything sounded ok, however maybe 8 to 10 years into the roast it started to smell very burnt.
It turned out that the drum did not rotate but everything else is working ok. The motor works, but the drum is not rotating.
Since I live in Denmark spare parts will have to be imported from the  US, and I will have to find a person that can change the motor if this is the solution. 
With a more than 6 year old roaster I am concerned about the life of the rest of the roaster. Unfortunately there are few alternatives for the Behmor available in Europe currently. I do not know if Behmor is going to get the EU certification for the new model that they are going to release soon, but I hope so.


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