[Homeroast] Roast profile for Espresso on the Behmor?

Frank Awbrey frankeegee1 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 13:01:08 CDT 2016

I recently bought 8 pounds of a variety of espresso blends from SM. My last 
roast on my older unmodified Behmor did not go into first Crack, that I 
heard, even using a lesser weight and pre warming. I used the setting 1P3C. 
I shoot for hitting second Crack, then cooling it down. Not looking for a 
dark dark roast. Just a second or two into second Crack for the espresso 

What would be the suggested roast profile for about 13 ounces? I pulled a 
shot from the roast this morning and it was a little sour. Thx.

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