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Seth Grandeau grandeau at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 15:58:04 CDT 2016

This is an awesome idea!  As I understand the samplers, they're not
sourcing extra coffee for samplers, but putting them together from current
stock, so creating more options shouldn't be a logistics nightmare for SMs
(I know, easy for me to say...)

Two I'd love to see are:
1. Fruit Forward Sampler - I'd love to see how the different terroir can
drive how fruit flavors appear.  Start with a base of Kenyan and Ethiopian
citrus-y fruit bombs, then sprinkle in some fruit forward coffees from
other regions.  Currently, I focus almost entirely on Kenya and Ethiopia,
specifically for the bright fruitiness.  It would be fun to find some other
fruit forward coffees that I'm probably missing.
2. Syrupy Goodness Sampler - I find that mouthfeel is something that I
always enjoy in coffee.  Don't get me wrong, a thinner mouthfeel can work
with a very bright coffee, but a syrupy thick mouthfeel goes great with
everything!  Let's say you have to have a "Body" score of 8.8 or higher to
be in this sampler.  Added bonus if this ever reconnected me with a Brazil
Yellow Bourbon, introduced to me by a homeroasting friend, which launched
my own homeroasting hobby.  It was mindblowing, and I've been chasing it
ever since.

On Sun, Apr 10, 2016 at 11:55 AM, Michael Rasmussen <michael at jamhome.us>

> I've always found Sweet Maria's sample packs of four or eight chosen by
> them beans to be fun.
> I recently sent off a suggestion to them to have a "Single Origin
> Espresso" sample pack.
> In passing I mentioned I'd also like a "Dirty Cup" sampler, populated with
> beans that rate low
> in the Clean Cup metric. That's probably not going to be a popular choice.
> What's your idea or fantasy for a sample pack?
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