[Homeroast] The upcoming Behmor roaster

Claus Thøgersen thoeglist at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 01:05:10 CDT 2015


I have been trying to get in contact with Behmor, to learn more about the next generation Behmor, especially the app they are developing.
I have been using the first Behmor  more than 5 years, and after I learnt what the buttons did, it has been no problem using the machine even though I am blind.
A few times the cooling has started before I expected, probably because I forgot to add extra time, but  other than this problem I can use the roaster like anybody else.
With the current behmor it would be almost impossible, because of the new safety feature that starts cooling if you do not respond to an alert on the display. 
This problem can be solved with the control from an app that will come with the new model. 
They only write app on the behmor site, but there  will probably be an iOS app.
iOS is most relevant since Apple has by far the best screen reader compared with what is available for Android and Windows  Mobile.
Often an app will work with the screen reader Voiceover,  with no or  a few problems, but you never know until you see the app in action.
I have tried to contact Behmor both through the form on the website, and a comment on Facebook, but I have until now had no response. 

So I am writing here in the hope that some of you  are in contact with Behmor, and can help to get an answer to this question.


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