[Homeroast] Question for Behmor+ Users

Bill Kendall pleiades45 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 20:15:47 CDT 2015


I've been a Behmor user for over two years. I've had a fan problem (Behmor
tech support sent me a new one, no charge) and I needed a new circuit board
(I paid the $30 for it, but the tech department was great in keeping me
informed when it was on back order. They are very friendly and wnat to be
of assistance).

I upgraded to the new 1600 PLUS board when it came out and love it. To work
around the 75% shut down, I set my smart phone timer to 13:30 minutes and
start it when I start my roasts. Most all the coffee I roast is on P1/A, so
the 7 minute mark is 13;30 minutes into the roast when I need to hit
"START" to continue. A bit of a hassle I'll agree, but the upside is
getting two different temp readings to help gauge the roast along with the
smell. This along with continuing the roast by hitting "C" gives you an
extra 3:10 minutes of roasting time, if necessary And you can always hit
"COOL" to stop it at any time.

My encouragement is to give the 1600+ a go. I personally enjoy my upgrade
(I'm on roast #728) and hope to use it until it dies or something better
comes around. Like an old Ford though, as long as the tech department keeps
parts available, mine will continue to roast on...

Bill Kendall
Santa Rosa, CA

On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 11:40 AM, Ken Schillinger <Ken at whidbey.com> wrote:

> Hello, Thanks for looking.
> I have been using a Behmor 1600 since they came out (one of the earliest
> from Sweet Maria’s).
> The roaster like myself is getting a little long in the tooth, and if I
> can’t get replacement parts, will need to be replaced. I like the Behmor
> 1600 and would be quite happy using it toll the end of my days, but realize
> it may not work out that way. That said; is the new behmor 1600# as
> straight
> forward and easy to use? Tipically I roast with about 2C  by volume that’s
> 2
> shy measures from the measuring cup from my Café Rosto. I do a 2 minute
> preheat with the beans in the drum, hit off-hit 1lb roast P and run the
> timer all the way up and hit start. I can then go about my business for
> about 15 minutes befor I need to listen for first. The coffee usually
> arrives at a roast I’m happy with with about 4 minutes befor the timer runs
> out, then I hit cool.
> My question:
> Will I be able to continue with my current practice if forced to change
> from
> the Behmor 1600 and buy the newer model Behmor 1600 + roaster?
> Thanks in advance, Ken
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