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Got my Behmor in 2007 and have roasted about a pound every week since then. 

Last Spring, the squirrel-cage fan started to turn on prematurely causing
erratic roasts.

I contacted Behmor thru their web site and they diagnosed that it was a bad
side circuit board. I purchased the board and they sent it along with
detailed install instructions. 

It was a snap to replace the board and the Behmor has performed flawlessly
since then. 

I am expecting to hang onto the old style Behmor for as long as possible.
Given the attention and service I've gotten from Behmor it should be a
really long time, maybe another 8 years.

Bruce Garley
New Port Richey, FL
Stillwater, MN
San Juan Capistrano, CA
Albuquerque, NM
Fresno, CA

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Hello, Thanks for looking.

I have been using a Behmor 1600 since they came out (one of the earliest
from Sweet Maria’s).

The roaster like myself is getting a little long in the tooth, and if I
can’t get replacement parts, will need to be replaced. I like the Behmor
1600 and would be quite happy using it toll the end of my days, but realize
it may not work out that way. That said; is the new behmor 1600# as straight
forward and easy to use? Tipically I roast with about 2C  by volume that’s 2
shy measures from the measuring cup from my Café Rosto. I do a 2 minute
preheat with the beans in the drum, hit off-hit 1lb roast P and run the
timer all the way up and hit start. I can then go about my business for
about 15 minutes befor I need to listen for first. The coffee usually
arrives at a roast I’m happy with with about 4 minutes befor the timer runs
out, then I hit cool.

My question:

Will I be able to continue with my current practice if forced to change from
the Behmor 1600 and buy the newer model Behmor 1600 + roaster? 

Thanks in advance, Ken

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