[Homeroast] Andrea Premium...help/confirmation of diagnosis

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Most likely pressurestat gone bad. Common failure item every few years.
Simple to replace.

Check with Clive Coffee. If they don't do the repair themselves they'll
highly likely direct you where to go. 

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Saturday morning started as usual. Get up early with the dog, let him out,
feed him, turn on the espresso machine and go back to bed. A couple of hours
later, I made two cappuccino's without any issue and everything was normal.
As I was making breakfast I attempted to get some hot water our of the
machine. Nothing. Not a drop out of the water 'wand'. The steam wand failed
to produce any steam (the valves are all manual so this is not an electronic
problem). Mystified I finished breakfast.

Further inspection a bit later indicated that the pump still works and water
moves through the grouphead. That's when I noticed that the boiler pressure
was down to almost zero and the water coming out was not nearly as hot as it
should be. Because the steam/water are supplied by pressure created by
heating the water in the boiler, I'm thinking I lost a heating element or
some control for the heating element.

Does that sound right?

Secondarily, are there recommendations for repair shops in Portland, OR
where I could take it?

Thanks in advance.

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