[Homeroast] Andrea Premium...help/confirmation of diagnosis

Demian Ebert coffehound at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 14:35:04 CST 2015

Saturday morning started as usual. Get up early with the dog, let him out,
feed him, turn on the espresso machine and go back to bed. A couple of
hours later, I made two cappuccino's without any issue and everything was
normal. As I was making breakfast I attempted to get some hot water our of
the machine. Nothing. Not a drop out of the water 'wand'. The steam wand
failed to produce any steam (the valves are all manual so this is not an
electronic problem). Mystified I finished breakfast.

Further inspection a bit later indicated that the pump still works and
water moves through the grouphead. That's when I noticed that the boiler
pressure was down to almost zero and the water coming out was not nearly as
hot as it should be. Because the steam/water are supplied by pressure
created by heating the water in the boiler, I'm thinking I lost a heating
element or some control for the heating element.

Does that sound right?

Secondarily, are there recommendations for repair shops in Portland, OR
where I could take it?

Thanks in advance.


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