[Homeroast] Website Review Archives - Where/How?

sallsup sallsup at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 14:23:36 CST 2015

Hi gang,

Help, please?  I'm trying to find the SM archive pages for some
out-of-stock coffees and I'm coming up completely empty-handed.

I'm giving a presentation on home coffee roasting, have a bunch of
samples in hand, and wanted to print out the reviews for these
specific coffees to use as handouts and a plug for SM.

Most of the batches I've roasted are from beans I ordered earlier this
year and are now out of stock, so they're not on the country-specific
order pages any more.  Before I used to be able to jump to country or
year archive pages and find the coffee there, but I can't FIND the
archive pages?

The Search function on the site isn't turning up anything. The "All
Origins (Including Out-of-Stock)" link takes me to origin pages but
they give only general information about the country of Origin and not
the list of beans that were sold from that origin.

This link was in an earlier mail to this list, back in February - it
no longer works even when I replace Ethopia with some other country:


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