Dennis Parham dparham_is at mac.com
Sun Nov 8 12:06:15 CST 2015

Hey Everyone! Im just about to acquire a new shop roaster!!! :) its a PRIMO PRI-TT-EC 6 LB roaster with all the ducting! Im pretty excited! Ive read its very similar to a Diedrich and in fact the engineers left Diedrich to produce his own line of Roasters … its used but mint condition and setup with data logging! I’m pretty excited! I haven’t posted in a few years but keep up with list :) Ive been on here since 2000 !!!! Ive been using an RK drum and have worked out some pretty consistent roasts but recently realized even though I could drop a 7b batch.. it was too much and too long of a roast.. didn’t bake but drying phase I believe was too long and sucking out some sweetness… Anyway! Anyone working on a PRIMO ?

Dennis Parham
Lone Palm Roasters
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contact at palmbeachroasters.com

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