[Homeroast] Older Behmor doesn't like 1# batches...period

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Fri Nov 6 16:11:11 CST 2015

On Fri, Nov 06, 2015 at 02:43:18PM -0600, Hank Arnold wrote:
> Your comments should be a surprise to anyone who's had the older Behmor
> model, it just won't roast 1 pound batches to anything but City, at best.

We all have different experiences, obviously, though I have to admit I
was already well established with the habit of adding a manual "stage
zero" of 2:00 before stopping and restarting with the "real" profile
when I first tried a full pound roast.  IIRC that was one of the Moka
Kadir lots that got mostly sent away as a gift, and it was at least
teasing second crack before I hit cool with time in hand.

What I don't care for about full pound roasts is the length of the
roasts.  Two pounds at 40 minutes?  Sounds quite possible, if you can
slip the bounds of the timer, but I can't say that the idea appeals to

I've done mainly half pound roasts at P1 or P3, depending.  In the last
year or so I've found that 12 oz batches at P1 run neck end neck (in
length) with those P3 half pounds

> It's no big deal, I just do 6-8oz batches to get the Roast profile I'm
> after (not many coffee's I like that are roasted less than FC).

That too, though perhaps my poster child would be last year's Aricha,
which needed a quick roast to a light C+ to sing its song of pineapple
upside down cake... or at least some good hints of the ingredients.  :-)

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