[Homeroast] Older Behmor doesn't like 1# batches...period

Hank Arnold hankarnold at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 14:43:18 CST 2015

Your comments should be a surprise to anyone who's had the older Behmor
model, it just won't roast 1 pound batches to anything but City, at best.

It's no big deal, I just do 6-8oz batches to get the Roast profile I'm
after (not many coffee's I like that are roasted less than FC).



> This is great news.  I've had more than a handful of full pound batches
> ruined by my original Behmor's time limit - just reaching first crack as
> the timeout expires is so sad, all it needed was a couple more minutes!  I
> doubt I'll be doing two pounds any time soon but knowing I can rescue a
> slow roasting pound is great.
> And coincidently my Behmor just went to the great roast in the sky, so I
> imagine I've got a Behmor Plus in my future - I took a look around at the
> alternatives and didn't see anything very attractive.
> Thanks for sharing!
> Sam

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