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That is great to hear. I have been waiting till my original Behmor croaks but it has kept on working like a charm and the "C" button has been a hold out. I don't leave my roasts alone but I will often do some cycling repairs while roasting and listening to the cracks and so the deadman switch is still a little bit of a turn off at the moment. I have been thinking of one of these instead...on eBay there is a seller called Metal-craftsmen selling PID controlled electric roasters for $1399 and a two pound capacity.  The non PID version is a lot cheaper.   But your being able to continue the roast for a full 2 pounds is very tempting indeed. 

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> On Nov 5, 2015, at 11:21 AM, Mark Jones <markjones420 at rcn.com> wrote:
> Hi Friends!
> I don't post very often, but I felt that I had to tell you all of a discovery that has made it simple to do large roasts in my Behmor 1600.  I had been roasting in the 1600 for a couple years. And when the 1600 Plus upgrade came out, I made the upgrade.  I enjoyed the temperature readings, the heating over-rides (1 through 5) and the drum speed adjustment.  But that pesky "C", or "first crack" timer reset button gave me fits. I hit it a couple times by mistake. And suddenly my 8 ounce roast with 10 minutes left to go on the timer, went to 3 minutes and 10 seconds (and counting).  What a disaster.  Going right to cool and restarting my roast again allowed me to salvage the beans to at least a drinkable level of roast. But I had to watch it like a hawk.
> Well, recently (within the last 2 months)  I was roasting my usual 8 ounces of Columbian Supremo.  I am one of those people that had discovered that 1 pound roasts were basically out of the range of the roaster's regular settings. So I stuck to 8 ounces.  But during my enjoyable pressings of the "A"  "B" and "D" button and using the temp override buttons during the last minute of the roast, I hit the "C" button and the timer reset to 3 minutes and 10 seconds. I suddenly had extra time!  Not that I needed it at that point, but I had a "Eureka" moment.  Using the "C" button, I might just be able to extend roast times to however long I need.
> Over the next several roasts, I began increasing the bean weights. 10, 12, 16, 24, 28, and then the magical 32 ounce (2 pound) roast that I just did.  The results have been wonderful.  Todays 2 pound roast in a beautiful Full City ++ roast.  Total time from start to finish (1 pound, start - to pressing cool)  was 39 minutes. I started the roast and set my 13 minute "deadman switch" timer to hit the start button again at 4:30. Then, after that, I hit the "C" button each time the timer reached 1 minute to go. And the timer reset to 3 minutes 10 seconds. And during these intervals I continued to play with the "A"  "B" and "D" buttons as well as the heater override buttons.
> So, to me at least, it looks like this "C" button allows for the kind of control we've wanted. Combined with the temperature buttons, the drum speed control, and the temperature indicator buttons "A and B"   I have been paying attention more closely that ever before to the roasting cycle.  After the deadman timer, I never leave the roaster until I decide when the roast is done to my liking.  I'm not sure the Behmor people meant the "C" button to be used this way, and I hope they don't change how it functions, but for me, the Behmor came of age and works perfectly.  Not, instead of having to do four 8 ounce (sometimes I'd try 10 ounces, but it was close) roasts to fill my canister, including cooling and cleaning after each 8 ounces, I can do just one 32 ounce batch and get it just right for my tastes.  My wife loves it too.
> Happy Behmor 1600 Plus roasting.
> Mark Jones  
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