[Homeroast] Air circulation inside grill roaster?

Will Stevens wstevens at kcu.edu
Mon May 18 07:53:16 CDT 2015

Hey folks,

I'm curious if any of you grill roasters have considered or worried about the evenness of temperature inside your roaster. I recently purchased a thermocouple with a quick response time and was surprised to see that, when moved to different points in the grill, the temperature would vary more than a hundred degrees! 

My roast times/temps have never lined up with the table from rkdrums.com. I am wondering if I'm not getting an accurate reading on the thermocouple.  

If any of you have any recommendations for making the temperature more even in my grill (e.g. Insulation and/or air circulation ) or thermocouple placement for better roast temp measurement, I would appreciate it. 


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