[Homeroast] For those of you too impatient to wait for roasted beans to rest ...

Michael Koenig koenig.mike at icloud.com
Mon May 4 21:19:32 CDT 2015

> No, this is just a roaster, but I do seem to recall a roast-to-brew
> machine, possibly on kickstarter, in the vicinity of a year ago, maybe? 
> Don't seem to have ever heard anything more about that one?

That roast-to-brew machine on Kickstarter turned out to be a bit of a scam.  The creators changed the design to include some sort of DRM so that the machine could only roast beans bought through them (a bit like Keurig 2.0).  Most of the backers then demanded a refund which caused a bit of a ruckus on Kickstarter. 

Personally, I much prefer my coffees on day 3+ after roasting, so I think anyone designing such a thing doesn’t have much experience roasting.  



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