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Thanks to all who responded, I wasn't aware there were metal filters for the aero press, that seems much better than lugging around a bunch of paper filters. Not sure which cities or hotels yet but when we figure it all out I'll be sure to check with trip adviser.

Thanks again for all of your responses.

Paul & Karen
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 Dunno about London, Munich & Prague?but I recently
 returned from 3 days each in Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla.
 Just me?no roomie. Two of the hotels lacked coffee machines
 (I knew that going in from Travel Advisor, and that our
 Barcelona hotel had Nespresso machines and charged one euro
 per capsule, so I brought along a few of my own capsules and
 bought another sleeve there?the euro?s at par with the
 dollar, and they were cheaper at the Nespresso Boutique than
 even here?about 40 cents per cup!). So I roasted about half
 a pound (the last of my La Gesha) and packed a mini
 hand-grinder, dual-voltage travel kettle (came with cups
 & spoons that stored inside) and an AeroPress with
 reusable filter. I didn?t bring the funnel for the AP, which
 made brewing sort of a dicey proposition as the travel
 kettle?s cups were plastic with a top diameter just about
 the size of the AP filter-holder?s opening. The whole
 shebang was light enough that the funnel wouldn?t have made
 a weight difference.  I returned home with half my
 coffee intact. 
 Check Travel Advisor for your intended hotels? amenities,
 double-check with the hotels, and plan accordingly. Not sure
 how cheap a whirley grinder is over there, but I will tell
 you that any kind of grinder is superior to drinking
 preground (which I had to do in Vegas?our room had a
 full-size coffeemaker with those disgusting filter-packs, so
 I had to bite the bullet and buy half a pound from Starbucks
 downstairs and have them grind it).  At least two
 cities on your itinerary?Munich & Prague?have a robust
 and long-standing coffehouse/patisserie culture (albeit not
 ?third wave?), so you might want to buy some locally-roasted
 beans while you?re there.  And it?s no longer true that
 you can?t get a good cup of coffee in London: even as far
 back as ?91, the flat we rented for a week had an electric
 kettle and a 1-liter French press?..and Harrod?s Food Hall
 down the street.  If you find yourself in a major
 Scandinavian city, however, throw yourselves on the mercy of
 the local baristas, who are third-wave-and-beyond.
 If you find yourself in Madrid at the Westin Palace, know
 that one cup of room-service coffee per person comes free
 with the room?but it?s unlimited at the free breakfast
 buffet. (But I?m the kind of person who needs coffee before
 she can pick up the phone and order coffee).
 > On May 2, 2015, at 3:40 PM, Greg Hollrigel <ghollrigel at gmail.com>
 > Most hotels in London and Munich have tea pots. Usually
 I bring beans, hand
 > grinder, and aeropress.
 > There are also a ton of great shops in
 London.   I've only found one in
 > Munich that fits my tastes.
 > Greg
 > On May 2, 2015 1:03 PM, "Steve Jacobs" <steve.jacobs at gmail.com>
 >> When I travel, I take a small hand grinder and a
 drip cone and filters.
 >> Finding hot water is usually easy.
 >> On Saturday, May 2, 2015, Michael Koenig <koenig.mike at gmail.com>
 >>> I don't know Prague so well, but if you seek it
 out you should be able to
 >>> find good coffee in London and Munich.
 >>> I usually like to "go native" when I travel and
 don't bother bringing
 >> gear
 >>> with me.
 >>> --mike
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 >>>> On May 2, 2015, at 1:24 PM, p&k <pnkk3 at yahoo.com
 >> wrote:
 >>>> Hello list,
 >>>> My wife and I are traveling to Europe
 (London, Munich, Prague,and
 >> points
 >>> unknown) for 3 weeks this summer and I'm in
 charge of coffee.
 >>>> Between the 2 of us we drink about a pot of
 coffee a day so I'll do all
 >>> my roasting the week before.
 >>>> I think I have my choices are to grind
 everything here and vac seal it,
 >>> or vac seal the whole beans and hand grind
 there, or buy a cheap whirly
 >>> blade over there.
 >>>> For brewing we plan on buying an electric
 kettle over there and use
 >>> Aeropress, french press or clever coffee
 >>>> Any thoughts from someone who has done

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