[Homeroast] Question about a Gene Cafe

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Actually, I don't even bother with the chaff collector.  I suppose this
possibly alters the backpressure (not in a good way) but I do it so I can
better hear 1st crack (I'm a bit hard of hearing, and find I don't hear it
with the chaff collector on).  I roast outside so chaff doesn't get
everywhere inside the house.

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My Gene kept getting slower and slower on actually reaching temp / roasting
stage.  I followed the instructions online to open it up and clean out the
interior, which helped some, but the actual answer turned out to be even
Take the chaff collector apart.  There are two layers of screen material on
the outlet and he won't *believe* the gunk that's built up in between those
layers.  Air just isn't getting through.  After I cleaned mine it roasts
like brand new again.

At 11:13 AM 5/3/2015, you wrote:
>About 5 years ago I got a friend of mine who lives in the British 
>Virgin Islands interesting in coffee roasting. He bought a Gene Cafe 
>and was very happy with it until recently.
>I got this e-mail from him this morning and don't know what advice to 
>offer since I don't use a GC any more myself.
>Hi Frank,
>We have a coffee question for you... and you guys may need to organize 
>an emergency trip down here to answer it.  Our coffee is no longer... 
>"tasty!"  It seems to have lost it's brightness.  Taste more like 
>sludge!  The grind is good.  Still drip filtering it.  In short, doing 
>everything the same!  Could it be that our roaster is just no longer 
>doing the job?  The time and temperature is the same... unless the 
>temperature is not what it says it is!  Give us some thoughts oh mighty 
>coffee connoisseur!
>Can anyone offer advice on what his problem might be?
>If we can't fix it over e-mail,  we'll have to plan a trip down to the 
>BVI to deal with this in person.
>Frank Parth
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KCSteve :-> 

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