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Phil Palmintere phil.palmintere at gmail.com
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Hmmmm.... I have two Gene Cafes (one here in Las Vegas, another in Park
City).  Both locations are quite dry compared to the BVI, of course.  My
experiences might be different because of that humidity difference.

A few questions for your friend with the Gene Café...

What weight of beans does he typically roast?  I typically weigh out 225 to
230 grams of greens.

Does he pre-heat his roaster?  Say, 5 minutes with no beans, stop it, add
beans, then begin?

Does he heat the bean mass for, say, 5 minutes at about 300 degrees F?  Or
does he launch straight into the roast?

Does he use a stepped roasting profile such as X minutes at 456, Y minutes
at 472, etc etc -- or does he just turn the temp to max & let it rip?

How long does it typically take from the beginning of the roast until 1st

How does he cool the beans - with the cooling cycle, or does he dump beans
on a heat sink such as a cold metal pan?

I replaced the heating element in one of my two Genes; I'm not sure I
noticed that much of a difference afterwards.


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About 5 years ago I got a friend of mine who lives in the British Virgin
Islands interesting in coffee roasting. He bought a Gene Cafe and was very
happy with it until recently.

I got this e-mail from him this morning and don't know what advice to offer
since I don't use a GC any more myself. 

Hi Frank,
We have a coffee question for you... and you guys may need to organize an
emergency trip down here to answer it.  Our coffee is no longer... "tasty!"
It seems to have lost it's brightness.  Taste more like sludge!  The grind
is good.  Still drip filtering it.  In short, doing everything the same!
Could it be that our roaster is just no longer doing the job?  The time and
temperature is the same... unless the temperature is not what it says it is!
Give us some thoughts oh mighty coffee connoisseur!

Can anyone offer advice on what his problem might be? 

If we can't fix it over e-mail,  we'll have to plan a trip down to the BVI
to deal with this in person. 

Frank Parth
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