[Homeroast] Question about a Gene Cafe

Barry Luterman lutermanb at gmail.com
Sun May 3 11:34:14 CDT 2015

I don't have a Gene but just had a similar situation with my Quest M3. I
always put a vacuum cleaner tip on the exhaust vents after 3 or 4 roasts.
However the coffee became more and more muddy. A closer inspection of the
vents revealed gunk which had hardened in the vents. Vacuuming could not
remove it and the gunk was slowly closing the vents. I actually had to use
a small screw driver between the vents to remove the hardened gunk. My
roasts immediately improved.

On Sun, May 3, 2015 at 9:13 AM, Frank Parth <frank at fparth.com> wrote:

> About 5 years ago I got a friend of mine who lives in the British Virgin
> Islands interesting in coffee roasting. He bought a Gene Cafe and was very
> happy with it until recently.
> I got this e-mail from him this morning and don't know what advice to
> offer since I don't use a GC any more myself.
> Hi Frank,
> We have a coffee question for you... and you guys may need to organize an
> emergency trip down here to answer it.  Our coffee is no longer...
> "tasty!"  It seems to have lost it's brightness.  Taste more like sludge!
> The grind is good.  Still drip filtering it.  In short, doing everything
> the same!  Could it be that our roaster is just no longer doing the job?
> The time and temperature is the same... unless the temperature is not what
> it says it is!  Give us some thoughts oh mighty coffee connoisseur!
> Can anyone offer advice on what his problem might be?
> If we can't fix it over e-mail,  we'll have to plan a trip down to the BVI
> to deal with this in person.
> Frank Parth
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