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Sandy Andina sandraandina at me.com
Sat Mar 28 18:26:05 CDT 2015

Thanks! Will give them a try at home (when I have access to my Mazzer).

Meanwhile, here's a report comparing the Porlex Mini and the Hario Slim, with both Aeropress and French-press methods.

The Hario Slim is very slow, and will give you a nice arm workout if you don't pass out first. It can consistently grind from coarse (press-pot) to very fine (Aeropress, or near-espresso).  It made a decent cup using either method. It is lightweight, but comparatively bulky if you're flying and luggage space is a consideration--and you will have to store the handle, along with scoop, with your brewer of choice.

The Porlex Mini was considerably faster but at first abysmal--grind ranged from gravel to press-pot coarse. With the latter, it made an good cup. I could not adjust the burrs together as tightly as necessary, try as I might--something was preventing them from optimal tightness.  But just out of curiosity, I unscrewed the burr and adjusting screw and thoroughly brushed the burrs till they were clear of grounds. I reassembled the mechanism and tightened the ceramic adjustment screw all the way to where it would turn no more without feeling anything in the way. I then reloaded the grinder. This time it produced fine-drip--not fine enough for a campfire machinetta,  Handpresso Wild or ROK (which I don't have but did have its predecessor till its pivot screws broke)--but just right for the Aeropress. Brewed up an Americano using both Metropolis Red Line and the last of my SM's Monkey Blend--both were wonderfully balanced with a little "tang." The Porlex also has a little slot in its rubber trim band for storing the handle. Without the handle, it fits inside the Aeropress. (No need to use the Aero's paddle--the scoop handle does just fine). It is a tad heavier than the Hario, but actually has a bigger receptacle.

So I will be packing a kettle (dual-voltage), Aeropress, stainless-steel filter disk, and the Porlex. I will separate the chambers of the Aeropress: inner chamber will hold the Aeropress adaptor cone (for flimsier or too-small cups), scoop and Porlex's handle; outer will hold the Porlex.  Kettle will hold plastic cups that come packed inside and a baggie of beans--enough to get me through my four mornings in Madrid. For Barcelona and Seville, one sleeve each of regular and decaf Nespresso capsules (evenly divided between std. and Lungo).  No need to pack the Handpresso Wild or pods.  If I have room, maybe I'll take my little polycarbonate press-pot for variety.

> On Mar 26, 2015, at 12:03 PM, Frank Parth <fparth at icloud.com> wrote:
>> On Mar 25, 2015, at 9:26 PM, Sandy Andina <sandraandina at me.com> wrote:
>> 1. Has anyone used the Handpresso Wild's ground-coffee portafilter basket with their own ground espresso? Reason I ask is that next week I'm going to Spain (Madrid, Seville, Barcelona). The Seville and Barcelona hotels have Nespresso machines in the rooms but charge minibar prices for the capsules, so I'm bringing my own capsules. What they don't know won't hurt me....
>> 2. Someone mentioned a refillable Nespresso capsule for using one's own espresso--is this doable or should I stick to using the sealed ones when I fly? Who sells the refillable capsule anyway?
> Refillable Nespresso capsules:
> http://www.amazon.com/Refillable-Capsule-for-Nespresso-5-Pack/dp/B007SJEGVK
> I sent these to a cousin in Germany and he loved them.
> Frank Parth
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Peace & Song, 
Sandy Andina

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