[Homeroast] Pod capsules - it was me

Sandy Andina sandraandina at me.com
Wed Mar 25 23:26:28 CDT 2015

1. Has anyone used the Handpresso Wild's ground-coffee portafilter basket with their own ground espresso? Reason I ask is that next week I'm going to Spain (Madrid, Seville, Barcelona). The Seville and Barcelona hotels have Nespresso machines in the rooms but charge minibar prices for the capsules, so I'm bringing my own capsules. What they don't know won't hurt me....

2. Someone mentioned a refillable Nespresso capsule for using one's own espresso--is this doable or should I stick to using the sealed ones when I fly? Who sells the refillable capsule anyway?

3. The Madrid hotel has no coffeemakers in the rooms. I have a European-voltage travel kettle (comes with cups & spoons inside) which I'm bringing regardless (along with a stash of teabags purloined from various motel rooms in which I've stayed). Should I save space by bringing the Handpresso with pods and/or my own espresso I preground, or save weight by bringing a Hario cone or Aeropress,  filters and coffee? I'd bring my Hario or Turkish hand grinders, but they take for-freaking-EVER to grind one cup's worth of drip grind (much less a decent shot's worth of 'spro grind). I will be in Madrid only three mornings anyway.  I know this sounds obsessive, but I refuse to pay room service prices for cold espresso (apparently, they drink only espresso in Spain and it'd be cold by the time it gets to my room)--and besides, I need my morning caffeine first before I can even call room service, much less go down to breakfast!  And no way I'm bringing purloined coffee filter packs. If old teabags taste like sawdust, old coffee packs taste like hot water. 

Your friendly java junkie,
Sandy Andina

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