[Homeroast] Fresh coffee, K-cups, compost, etc.

Paul Pinson paul at thepinsons.org
Tue Mar 24 13:46:09 CDT 2015

I understood when there were K-cups at work - nobody wanted to take
responsibility for daily cleaning of coffee equipment. 


At home, though, I can't really see it.  Only roasting takes any significant
time, but that's only once or twice a week.  


One can make a single cup of coffee in less than five minutes and a pot of
coffee in just a little more, including grinding.  Filter, if any, and
coffee grounds (as well as roasting chaff) go straight into the compost bin
- coffee grounds are among the best things for compost.  


I've yet to taste K-cup coffee, pod coffee, or service (foil pack) coffee
that's anywhere near as fresh and satisfying as recently roasted and just
ground coffee.


At my bi-annual coffee tasting event, I gave out Melitta pour-over filter
holders.  At half the cost of a refillable K-cup, they are at least as easy
to use and now I have quite a few converts.

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