[Homeroast] Pod Capsules and the Keurig

Mike Davis mldavis2 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 23 14:40:02 CDT 2015

The main reason I hear from people using the Keurig is speed and 
convenience.  Using reusable pods sounds great, but it negates a lot of 
the reason for using the thing in the first place.  You have to grind 
coffee to put in them which can be tricky with the tiny pods, and you 
have to clean them out afterwards.  I suspect that's why most people 
just keep buying the plastic pods and filling up the land fills with 
them, not to mention all the "fancy" flavored coffee you can find being 
sold by everyone and his brother.

My morning routine is super-simple and just as quick.  Yes, I do have to 
roast my coffee every few days and that takes time.  But in the morning, 
I put the kettle on to boil, grind my coffee and weigh it out into my 
Aeropress.  Pour, stir and wait 3 minutes, press and top off with hot 
water.  Cleanup takes about 30 seconds or less at the sink - rinse the 
cap and stainless steel filter under the faucet, pop the puck out into 
the trash and I'm finished.

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