[Homeroast] Pod Capsules

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Sun Mar 22 14:28:41 CDT 2015

On Sun, Mar 22, 2015 at 12:43:38PM -0500, Little Paul wrote:
> I prefer not to knock capsules down, even though they are near the
> bottom of the coffee totem pole.  Pods are so popular today that

Hard to knock 'em down any lower than they already are anyway.  :-/

> on this list are way beyond the level of pods, I am curious how
> fresh-roasted beans would hold up in a pod filter.  Not afraid to try
> it when I get the chance.  Paul Gheer

I would suggest the Java Jig from Melitta.  It uses a paper filter, so
you can grind the coffee very fine without getting loads of sludge, and
with a grind somewhere in the coarse end of what Baratza calls out as
the espresso range, if you fill it with as much good homeroast as fits,
it will actually come out half-decent.  The brewing temperature is
still wrong, and it's still a rather short brew, and I wasn't ever able
to try it with properly fresh-ground, which probably contributed to a
flatness that all my trials shared.  But it was easily the best coffee
available in that at-work setting without dragging a grinder, CCD, etc.

None of which was practical.  Even the Jig was only semi-practical,
what with needing, in practice, to run an empty cup through it to flush
out the worst effects of the last few K-cups, which always seemed to be
a selection of the most cloying artificially flavored "coffees".  And
the cleanup after.  Heck, maybe the CCD wouldn't have been so much more 
impractical as I thought...

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