[Homeroast] Pod Capsules

Lynne Biziewski lynnebiz at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 14:06:52 CDT 2015

True, the reusable aren't wasteful, but most people, I think, use this type of coffee brewer for the pods. The continuation of everything instant in our society. 

I bought a Keurig at a yard sale last year to sell on eBay or C-list. Need to list it today on eBay - never got around to it due to one crisis after another at home. 

Anyway, I tried it out a few times to make sure it worked (I don't think it was ever used). The cups I drank actually tasted pretty good, using my homeroast in the reusable pod that came with it - I should take a temp of the water, but I haven't.  But for me, to have yet another appliance on the counter for something that I'd have to make two or three cups to get a good, strong mug for just myself - well, it's crazy. 

I do a version of French Press - my plunger in my FP broke, so I use the insulated cup and just filter with a fine metal strainer when it's done. Easy peasy and delish!


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