[Homeroast] Behmor roasting from Joe Behm

Mike Davis mldavis2 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 16 14:39:53 CDT 2015

I am on a Facebook web site in which Joe shows up from time to time.  
He's in Australia at a cupping convention and said that he spent a day 
with the guy doing all the roasts for the competition. He uses a Behmor 
1600-Plus (new panel) and 200 g. batches (slightly under 1/2#).  Joe 
watched this guy run about 30 roasts for the cupping competition and 
learned what he's doing:

P1 profile up to the start of 1C, then go into manual mode by pressing 
P2 (25% power).  This stretches out 1C (which is what many of us used to 
do by opening the door a crack) yet has sufficient momentum that the 
roast does not stall.  Finish at whatever point you and your beans 
determine.  Joe also stated that he was on his way to somewhere in Asia 
but would test some 336 g. batches when he gets back to the states.

This is interesting because my last batch of 227 g (1/2#) was P1 and P3 
@ 1C.  I was afraid P2 was too low, but I'll use P2 on the next batch.

For those of you using the old Behmor, you can install the new panel 
yourself - minimal hassle - and turn it into a 1600-Plus.

Mike Davis
Neosho, MO

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