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> I just got the Behmor 1600 plus from SM, and have already burned a couple
> pounds trying to figure it out.
> For some reason no matter what program I choose, the second crack seems to
> come right from the first crack, leaving me with no time to pull it unless
> I let it hit first crack as it cools, but then it's way too cinnamon
> roasted since some beans won't even get to 1C.
> When I was air roasting there was always a very clear 2-4 minutes break
> between cracks.
> Any advice? I must be missing something here...
> Thanks,
> Clark
I've got a few months with the Behmor under my belt. I don't get a lot 
of time between end of first crack and start of second (perhaps 90 
seconds). Here's what I do...
I roast 1/2 pound on the 1 pound setting with P1 (full heat) ... I like 
the beans just into 2nd crack. What can I say, I was raised on Starbucks 
back when the mermaid had nipples and a belly button.

For me (roasting an espresso blend from SM), I hit first crack at about 
11 minutes into the roast. I wait about 10 seconds for a rolling crack, 
then hit "C" (for first crack). That gives me 3 mins and 10 seconds for 
the remainder of the roast. First crack continues for at least another 
minute, but it does finally subside. Second crack usually starts with 
less than 20 seconds left. Sometimes I hit cool with 5 seconds 
left...it's easy to coast into a burned smell that I work hard to avoid.

And I agree with the other poster: try a larger bean mass. I'd go to a 
full pound, but I'm afraid I won't get to second crack. The Behmor is 
famous for under roasting, although my experience (and yours evidently) 
shows you can easily push fully through second crack.


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