[Homeroast] Coffee World

John M. Howison johnmhowison at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 13:00:24 CDT 2015

"Restaurant Coffee Roasting in Cali, Colombia" prompts me to note that the
search for great coffee seems to be expanding globally, and to ask whether
basic coffee culture continues to expand.  Is there a prospect that coffee
drinkers will one day outnumber tea drinkers?

I was born into an improving coffee culture, and in early adulthood moved
temporarily to a tea culture in which only a few foreigners tried (rather
futilely) to import their coffee habit.  Gave up on the coffee effort and
took up tea, not primarily for its locally accessible joys, but because in
my geographic circumstance drinking tea in preference to water minimized
vulnerability to dysentery. Suspected that this reason had a good deal to
do with the global enthusiasm for tea.  If so, the motive had already been
assaulted here and there by efforts to improve tea with milk or butter.
Geographic mobility subsequently exposed me to life enriched by improving
coffees, sometimes enriched with milk and/or cocoa, and by the option of
cocoa on its own.  I have been fortunate.

Are we creating a world in which the proportion of coffee drinkers (vs. tea
drinkers) will eventually dominate the planet?  My own palate continues to
enjoy great tea from time to time, and I recommend to all the comparison.
Yet I am not even slightly tempted to give up altogether the richness of
great coffee in favor of the subtleties of red, green, white and other

Are there other listers why share this ambiguous loyalty?
Contra muros, mater rubicolla

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