[Homeroast] Winter roasting

Lori & Paul lococlayco at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 12:14:28 CDT 2015

Living in Montana, I have my roasting station in my shop.  I have 4" metal
flex hose going up to a small radon fan, that I got at a garage sale 12
years ago, and my temp. in the shop varies from about 40 degrees to 76,
depending on the outside temp and how hot the wood stove gets.  My Gene
cafe gets a 3 min. preheat when it's below 50 degrees.  I've been roasting
a couple of times a week for around 14 years, buy all my coffee from Tom &
Maria, and rarely drink coffee from any but a very few local spots.  My
goal is to have my coffee "taste like cocoa".  It usually does.  I order
lots of different origins and love the variety that SM offers.  I've also
roasted pretty much every Espresso Workshop Edition since #1 and recommend
it to friends as a great way to introduce blends.  It's supposed to hit 70
degrees this week (in Montana, in March!), so I'm not going to whine about
winter roasting right now, though I have roasted when it's -30.  Time to
fire up the KLR and go for a ride.  Happy roasting, Paul in Mt.

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