[Homeroast] Vietnamese coffee

John M. Howison johnmhowison at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 12:38:53 CDT 2015

Thanks, Frank.  Perhaps one reason for Vietnamese tolerance of Robusta and
other off-beat coffees is the habit, which I have encountered in Vietnamese
mom-and-pop restaurants in the US, of concluding meals with coffee mixed
with a large proportion of sweetened condensed milk.  The result might be
accurately characterized as a coffee-flavored dessert than as coffee per se.
A more than tolerable dessert.

I have also noted that the coffee used is often Cajun-style
arabica/robusta/chicory.   Reminds me that such a blend tastes great when I
visit New Orleans, and that Sweet Maria's sometimes rates its beans optimal
for brewed coffee or espresso, not invariably for both.
Contra muros, mater rubicolla

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