[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: Seven New Ones

Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byron at sweetmarias.com
Fri Jun 26 22:03:34 CDT 2015

Hello Everyone,
We just added seven great new coffees to the list. We hope you like them.
Have a great weekend!

 Costa Rica Helsar - Macho Arce
<https://www.sweetmarias.com/product/costa-rica-helsar--macho-arce> - a
bright, balanced cup showing subtle complexity as it cools. Dark berry
notes, apple pie filling, red honey, and a citrus peel twist.
Costa Rica Chirripo - Finca Jonny
<https://www.sweetmarias.com/product/costa-rica-chirripo-finca-jonny> -
sweet, citrus-like acidity, grape jelly, blackberry and plum juice, and
array of fruit tea notes.

 Guatemala Acatenango Gesha
<https://www.sweetmarias.com/product/guatemala-acatenango-gesha> - Fresh
tropical fruits, red punch, herbal and black tea flavors, and brilliant
acidity in the cooling cup.

 Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul FC Mendez
- a bodied cup, unrefined sugar sweetness, and a mild fruits. In middle
roasts look for raw cane juice, toasted almond, apple hints, and malic

 India Arabica Karnataka Kohinoor
<https://www.sweetmarias.com/product/india-arabica-karnataka-kohinoor> -
Simple syrup sweetness, roasted nut, licorice hints, and a barley tea note.

 India Karnataka Plantation Peaberry
<https://www.sweetmarias.com/product/india-karnataka-plantation-peaberry> -
refined sugar and malted barley sweetness, Asam tea, citrus oil hints.
Herbaceous undercurrent, sweet basil and red bell pepper.

 Tanzania Isende FBG
<https://www.sweetmarias.com/product/tanzania-isende-fbg> - chocolate and
grain sweetness, inky body, and green tea notes. Espresso is delicious,
creamy nougat sweetness, bittersweet chocolate, and tart lemon.

*Byron Dote*

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