[Homeroast] Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel feature on coffee roasting danger

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Interesting article, but of FUD going on there -

Unless I misread it, only the workers who had added the diacetyl to the 
beans prior to grinding as part of the flavoring process may have been 
affected. Those of us roasting outside, or in a garage with doors open & 
fans running likely will suffer more from the occasional bean burn than from 
lung issues. Of course if you're huffing the smoke, as was reportedly 
happening with the man who developed lung disease from diacetyl added to 
microwave popcorn, then all bets off.

Humans have been roasting coffee for hundreds of years, I don't see mass die 
offs happening in historical times.

I'll let the scientific types chime in now.

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Coffee roasters' health at risk from chemical compound, air samples suggest

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