[Homeroast] Sweet Maria's New Coffee Alert: 8 new ones

Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee byron at sweetmarias.com
Mon Jun 15 20:20:49 CDT 2015

Hello Everyone,
We added some great new coffee over the weekend. We hope you enjoy them.

Bolivia Organic Caranavi Imperial
- date sugar sweetness, notes of dried apricot/raisin and a
hazelnut-chocolate flavor in the finish.

Bolivia Organic Taypipla Estate
- base sweetness of brown sugar is topped with notes of dried berries,
black currant, and dark chocolate.

Colombia Inza de Cauca
- fruit flavors and acidity, along with burned sugars and fine dark
chocolate. Good for espresso too.

Panama Horqueta La Gloria Estate
- cane juice backed by bittering cacao notes, roasted almond and a pleasant
tea-like acidity.

Kenya Gatundu Karinga AA
- concord grape, plum, black currant and deep brown sugar sweetness. All
the exotic Kenya flavor without extreme citric brightness. Good for
espresso too.

Kenya Kiamabara Kii Peaberry
- loaded with pink grapefruit and fresh orange juice, cane sugar/simple
syrup sweetness, and floral citrus oil.

Sumatra Lintong Dolok Sanggul
- great rustic syrupy sweetness, cinnamon bark and black tea. Malty roast
taste, and fruited chocolate.

Tanzania Mara Tarime
- sweet and bittersweet notes, features blackberry fruit, bakers chocolate
bittersweet flavor, with a spiced accent. Exceeded our expectations at both
light and darker roast levels.

*Byron Dote*

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