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Dhananjaya djgarcia at improbablystructuredlayers.net
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Barry, Molly Yen is very helpful and they can get the elements to you fairly quickly. Although I got mine from SM I did order some
replacement screws and basket from them. There is a noticeable reply lag due to the geography.

It was a bit of a pain. I don't have any photos - too busy trying to figure out how to get things out properly. I do remember
thinking "Why don't they make these wiring to the elements longer so you could unscrew them outside" - I was having problems
reaching in to get the nut off. Then I saw that one side (the one I would have a problem with) was long enough to draw the element
out while wired and then remove the nut, and the other one I was able to undo the nut while attached. Also IIR I did not have to
remove other electrical parts, which I thought I would at first.

Unfortunately I'm at that age where I remember taking them out, but details are very foggy. IIR I believe I only had to remove the
outer circle screws at the front, not the inner ones. And of course I had to remove the lower back panel.

Good luck! If I did it, you surely can, but you'll need a little patience.

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Ivan I guess you have been following the thread. SM is out of the coils. I
went all over Portland looking for one. They are not available here. Byron
told me to get in touch with the manufacturer in Taiwan. Did so and will
order 2. MiKe offered to help me put it in. If you remember I am the member
who is so mechanically inept: that if my car starts making funny noises I
repair the car my turning my car radio volume up. I am slowly regaining my
composure now after that original panic and lost day worrying about the
whole thing. I have a Behmor for back-up. Just don't remember how to use it
. Or for that matter where I stored it. It's hard getting old.

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