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WOW!  and no stall!

and you say you don't have it mastered!

That is control!

I'm not sure I trust my current telemetry to push those limits

Thanks for the target, I have a few beans that could be really nice like

What are the mechanics of making such a change?  No air and almost no flame?

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> Bottom post...
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> >> I think my post 1st dev times are good, very similar to yours, with the
> exception of very light roasts, they may still need some work.
> This is where many, including many "professionals", really screw up. Not
> slowing the ramp enough just before hitting start of 1st to be able to get
> a
> fully developed light roast. Not necessarily easy going from 15-16f/min
> rise
> to 6f or less/min ramp but that's what ya gotta do! Currently my lightest
> production roast is dumped ~16f above start of first yet with 2:30
> development.
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