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ricky carter rickylc99 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 09:50:55 CDT 2015

Thanks miKe, I'm assuming that with the PLC your air is on a fan?  I have
just the flapper.  Decent control, but not as precise as a fan would be.

I was changing air quite a bit for a while, but lately have been using
mostly flame for roast control.  Air is still very tricky for me, applying
air seems to add BTU up to a certain point, then can act as a BTU reducer,
depending on flame.

 I've not got this mastered yet and probably should go back to using air a
bit more in roast control.  With just vane control it is hit and miss for
reproducability though.  You have to look at the handle at exactly the same
viewing angle each time, LOL.

What time frame, generally speaking, are you running your Ramp?

I am trying to find that charge weight/charge temp combo sweet spot that
gives me a nice transition from dry to ramp but still gives enough punch to
the charge to keep the heat wave moving through the bean yet doesn't come
into ramp like a freight train.

It sounds like I need to up my charge weight quite a bit.  Perhaps that
will smooth the transitions?


On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 9:56 AM, miKe mcKoffee <mckona at comcast.net> wrote:

> Ricky, sounds like your USRC 3k reads about like mine. Bean mass I estimate
> reads ~20f lower than real based on start of 1st and start of 2nd temp
> displayed readings. (FWIW very few roasts I do ever see 2nd)  I can't
> really
> comment on the applied flame % because my standard batch sizes are to yield
> 6lb which depending on bean and roast is 6.9 to 7.1 charge weight.
> Consequently my charge temp is substantially higher than yours anywhere
> from
> displayed 450-490f environment. Also because of large batch size virtually
> all roasts I'm starting with 100% flame on charge. I use both flame and
> air-flow to hit the brakes approaching 1st. FWIW I have PLC controller with
> touch screen both flame and air variable 0-100%. Some roasts/beans I'll
> actually keep flame 100% the entire roast and only vary air.  Again this is
> because I'm running the USRC at its max batch (and then some) considering
> 3k=6.6lb and all my charge weights are higher! Really gotta anticipate
> needed ramp change with the (relatively) larger bean mass! On the rare
> occasion I do a smaller batch, even just a lb less charge, greatly changes
> the whole ball game. And a half size batch like you're running hugely
> different and of course much more responsive to applied heat and air
> changes.
> FWIW generally speaking ~5min is my target to hit bean mass ~300f (real,
> 280f displayed).
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