[Homeroast] Boot Coffee & Fragrances

Brian Hoppler brianhoppler at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 28 14:03:49 CDT 2015

Roasting 2.5 #'s in a 4# RK Drum at about 10 to 11 minutes there is a sweet smell as the beans go from their dry color, (of light green or yellow), to the desired final roast level darker brown color.  I have read of, and concur with, the notion that this is when the sugars start to caramelize in the beans, similar to cooling with many things such as onions as they cook and color with the heat.
I have not detected an identifiable aroma at first crack, but there is one at second crack that marks the time to pull and cool or to soon have French Roast, or beyond, to burnt = to be thereafter only good as a snail repellent on my patio plants. 

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> After viewing 3 Video's I have no idea what this guy is selling....I
> presume to someone other than 'home roasters'.
> He speaks of the 'fragrances' of the roasting cycle, but doesn't tell
> you what it means.
> And if roasting coffee ever, ever, gave the fragrance of 'bread
> cooking' my wife would have demanded I roast in the house, instead of
> the garage!!!
> Hank
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