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I'd try cleaning both the screens in the chaff collector, there's a second 
one behind the fine mesh one you see from the outside. Often lots of gunk 
builds up in between them.

Also check the resources in the note below, c 2008, from a list member; 
hopefully the company still handles Gene Café's


While giving the Gene Cafe a thorough cleaning is always a good idea
(including the intake screen underneath and the chaff collector), the
symptoms are indicative of a failing heater box / thermostat, which
can be had as a right-side assembly.



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I have a Gene Cafe that is beginning to act up. Recently it has started to 
sometimes not reach the desired temperature before cycling down and then 
back up, etc. Sometimes it goes a degree or two before cycling down. The 
problem seems to be happening with more frequency.

Can anyone recommend someplace in Portland OR to get help with the Gene 

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