[Homeroast] Behmor in Garage

jjww jjwwmmcc at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 17:19:44 CST 2015

I roast in my garage all year.

Temps range from 90+ to 35 below.

In winter I use a Mr. Heater space unit to warm the machine.

In Summer use fan.

Preheat twice, once without beans 1:30 and once with beans 1:30.

Always p1, 1lb, start, Use the + Behmor so switch immediately to p5 and hit
D to speed drum and run 9 minutes,

hit D to decrease drum and the 1 to return to regular roast cycle.

After 10 seconds into first crack I open door for 30 to 45 seconds depending
on speed of pops.

Close door till end of first crack + 10 seconds and hit cool.

Cool for 1 minute then dump to large cookie tray and cool by hand and fan.





jjwwmmcc at gmail.com

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