[Homeroast] milk frother wand

Clark Barclay pedestriancoffee at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 20:18:52 CST 2015

Good points guys. I'll check out the Nespresso one and the Bodum. At $40
I'd say it's worth the try. At worst I can make bubble bath foam that'll
satisfy most guests.

Thanks again!
- clark

On Sun, Jan 18, 2015 at 4:02 PM, Steven Van Dyke <coffee at svandyke.com>

> At 07:19 AM 1/18/2015, you wrote:
>> Those auto frothers will give you Starbucks style bubble bath foam if you
>> like that sort of thing.  Micro foam is not possible.
>> --mike
> Actually we were quite surprised by the good quality of the foam from this
> little thing.  Dense, creamy, and long lasting.  I really didn't expect it
> to be that good.
> We ran across it at a high-end kitchen store doing demos.  Seur LeTable in
> this case.  You guys might want to check similar places in your area and
> see if you can get a demo.
> I think we're all in agreement that doing it right (steam wand) produces
> the best foam, but both the Bodum one I mentioned first and this Nespresso
> one turn out something very close to whipped cream.  I've seen people do a
> *lot* worse with a steam wand.
> It's kind of like the AeroPress folks claiming that it makes Espresso.
> Once you admit that it doesn't, you're free to admire the quality of the
> cup it *does* make.
> Enjoy!
> KCSteve :->
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