[Homeroast] milk frother wand

Steven Van Dyke coffee at svandyke.com
Sun Jan 18 15:02:50 CST 2015

At 07:19 AM 1/18/2015, you wrote:
>Those auto frothers will give you Starbucks style bubble bath foam 
>if you like that sort of thing.  Micro foam is not possible.

Actually we were quite surprised by the good quality of the foam from 
this little thing.  Dense, creamy, and long lasting.  I really didn't 
expect it to be that good.
We ran across it at a high-end kitchen store doing demos.  Seur 
LeTable in this case.  You guys might want to check similar places in 
your area and see if you can get a demo.

I think we're all in agreement that doing it right (steam wand) 
produces the best foam, but both the Bodum one I mentioned first and 
this Nespresso one turn out something very close to whipped 
cream.  I've seen people do a *lot* worse with a steam wand.

It's kind of like the AeroPress folks claiming that it makes 
Espresso.  Once you admit that it doesn't, you're free to admire the 
quality of the cup it *does* make.


KCSteve :-> 

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