[Homeroast] Bubble bath milk

Jim Farris jfarris7 at austin.rr.com
Sun Jan 18 13:19:52 CST 2015

I greatly enjoy the exchanges on this connection that Sweet Maria's has been kind enough to maintain, I read almost every word of it, and I regret that old age and a cantankerous disposition have caused me to fail to post submissions I frequent think might be helpful.

I found Michael's recent response regarding bubble bath milk foam so "right on" I feel I should add my support and own elaborations.

An excellent steam wand on a good espresso machine does so much more than put bubbles in milk. In fact, bubbles are what is not wanted - observe any good barista's frequent tapping/banging of a frothing pitcher to eliminate bubbles accidentally created after his frothing and before pouring into the cup.

The steam wand properly used circulates and "enhances" the milk by caramelizing the milk sugars. A good frothing pitcher helps not to create bubbles but to create the microfoam of which Michael wrote and which combines with the espresso to ideally makes every sip of the resulting drink smooth as velvet and totally delicious.

If all one wants is coffee with milk and air in it, I would never question taste nor claim one drink better than another.  But if you use one of these bubbling utensils, don't settle for that being as good as it could be.  Try a few with a great SO espresso and true microfoam instead.

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