[Homeroast] John's garage Behmor

Hank Arnold hankarnold at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 11:02:14 CST 2015

Hi John,

Since the Wife hates the odor of roasting beans and the temp is always
too Cold in Chicago come December I've never brought it out come

But this year it was 40F on 12/15 so I broke it out, gave it a 1/4#
warm up and had at it.
I reduced the size of my usual roast and used some old beans just in
case it didn't work....happy to say I was very happy with the 1st
Roast so I brought out the good stuff.

Reducing the size and not allowing the Behmor to cool down I think
were the secrets....it's going to be 40 again today so I'm breaking it
out again....this is such a pleasant surprise since I'm usually
relegated to pre-roasted in the Winter.

Happy Roasting, 50F shouldn't be an issue what-so-ever!!


> I'm thinking about getting a Behmor to replace my defunct Fresh Roast,  but
> I have a concern.  I'll be roasting in my garage (in North Carolina).  Does
> anyone have experience using a Behmor at 50 degrees ambient?
> John Bloom

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