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Phil Palmintere phil.palmintere at gmail.com
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I'm looking at my Harbor Freight scale right now.  The physical scale
doesn't list a brand.  I don't have the box (which had the brand) but
Cent-Tech seems familiar.

When the scale is sitting in front of me, the working part is on the left,
and on the right is the LCD & buttons.  It says MAX: 1000g  d: 0.1g.  The 4
butytons are ON/OFF, TARE, MODE, PCS.

The bottom of the scale says DIGITAL SCALE, uses 2 "AAA" batteries.  Do not
exceed 1 kg.  NOT LEGAL FOR TRADE.  Made in China   ITEM  60332.

I use disposable plastic cup to weigh my beans.  It is repeatable in the
sense that if I weigh out 225 grams of unroasted beans, take it off the
scale, and put it back on the scale it still says 225 grams (maybe a
variation of a tenth of a gram or so.)  Ditto for weighing out 22.7 grams of
roasted coffee.

Here's where it falls short.

Let's say I have two separate plastic cups.  I use one to weigh  out 22.7
grams of roasted coffee and then remove it from the scale.  I then place the
2nd empty plastic cup on the scale, zero the scale, and then pour the 22.7
grams of previously roasted coffee into the empty cup on the scale.  If this
were an accurate scale, it would report 22.7 grams (+/-) . It does not.
Instead it might report 23.4 grams, or 21.9 grams, or whatever.  If I remove
it from the scale, and replace it back onto the scale, it is consistent; if
instead I switch back & forth between empty cups, zeroing the scale each
time, it is not consistent.

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Good morning from a very cold Colorado! 

I have seen others mention on the list they use a set of coffee scales they
have gotten from Harbor Freight that they like very much, but didn't cost a
ton of money. I purchased what I thought were the scales you were talking
about, but they seem mighty tiny. I just want to be sure I have the right
set of scales. Mine are Cent-Tech 1000 Gram Digital Scales. Do I have the
same scales those of you on this list are talking about? I guess I was
really surprised at the size of these. They are only 4 3/4" in length.

Any info will help. I was interested in getting the scales you were talking
about, because the price was right, but I am not sure these will work for


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