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Hi Mike,

The coffee Tom used to sell for next to nothing was not intended to be
consumed, period. It was strictly for practice.  My impression was that
John is trying to learn how to use the larger drum roaster and needs some
trials that won't result in five pounds of good coffee being charred, etc.
After that will come the finer points of profiles, etc. At least that was
the way I interpreted John's email.


On Fri, Jan 2, 2015 at 12:58 PM, <milwmike5 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Life?s too short to drink cheap coffee. A better coffee bean might make
> one be more careful which might prove to be cheaper in the long run. After
> how will you know what profiles you?ll want to use in the future when
> you?re drinking second rate coffee?
> Mike

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