[Homeroast] Aeropress panic NY Day on the Big Island!

Steven Van Dyke coffee at svandyke.com
Sun Jan 4 05:53:29 CST 2015

Probably wouldn't have been such a problem if you'd had a cup of coffee. ;)

At 12:56 PM 1/3/2015, you wrote:
>I use a Hario Slim and Aeropress for travel. Now I'd already made us a
>couple cups when we got to the Condo NY Eve. Come morning went to make
>myself a cup of Aricha and couldn't find the plunger! I looked all over the
>place, searched the counters, cupboards, drawers even refrigerator and
>freezer and even the clothes washer and dryer. Couldn't find the dang
>plunger! Nope not in a waste basket either and not in the bathroom or back
>in luggage or on the lanai.
>Man this was near panic coffee emergency situation time. Then whamo after
>around 10 minutes found the stupid thing. I'd put the plunger back in the
>cylinder instead of setting it next to it! Talk about a "dumby" moment!
>Hiding in plan sight all along. Just thought I'd share the experience ha-ha.
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