[Homeroast] Aeropress panic NY Day on the Big Island!

miKe mcKoffee mckona at comcast.net
Sat Jan 3 12:56:09 CST 2015

I use a Hario Slim and Aeropress for travel. Now I'd already made us a
couple cups when we got to the Condo NY Eve. Come morning went to make
myself a cup of Aricha and couldn't find the plunger! I looked all over the
place, searched the counters, cupboards, drawers even refrigerator and
freezer and even the clothes washer and dryer. Couldn't find the dang
plunger! Nope not in a waste basket either and not in the bathroom or back
in luggage or on the lanai. 

Man this was near panic coffee emergency situation time. Then whamo after
around 10 minutes found the stupid thing. I'd put the plunger back in the
cylinder instead of setting it next to it! Talk about a "dumby" moment!
Hiding in plan sight all along. Just thought I'd share the experience ha-ha.

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